Foreign customers

Welcome to my pop-up shop.

These ceramics are created in unique pieces and small series (tableware, small artworks and sculptures) in order to let me tell stories according to my desires.
Earthenware, porcelain, tinted pottery and pigments: all those materials right out of the oven.

This special collection will remain online for a couple of months, until next time…

Here, in the workshop, everything is made with patience and enthusiasm! The forms, the colors, the designs, the pictures...thank you for not reproducing them.

Every piece is unique,there is only one piece of each ceramic in stock but I remain at your disposal to make an order.

For the payment, please send me an e-mail:

You can pay by check, credit card or Paypal.
The package is sent when the payment is received.

If you purchase several pieces, shippings costs will be recalculated as a whole.

For orders abroad, thank you for sending me an e-mail in order to establish a detailed calculation of shippings costs.